Trust Consumers Place In Brand Information Sources [CHART]

Chart: Trust Consumers Place In  Brand Information Sources

Just one-third (33%) of consumers who rely on advertising for brand information say they trust its messaging, making it the least credible source of information among the options given, according to a report by Kantar Media.

In what might likely cause grumbles among creatives with already low morale, advertising doesn’t enjoy the best of reputations among consumers.

At least in the US, advertising is not seen as enjoyable, is perceived as interruptive, and advertising practitioners are considered to have low ethical and moral standards. As a consequence, marketers may need to consider other methods to address the issue of brand trust.

Trust has been a topic of note in much research featured previously, and while only half of Americans trust business as an institution, there have been rises in certain industries.

A survey of CMOs and brand managers showed that the need to establish trust is a concern for an overwhelming majority of marketing leaders. The reason for this is that trust has a significant impact on large purchase decisions, while two-thirds of consumers say they are attracted to brands that are transparent. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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