Video Gamers By Age

Chart: Video Gamers By Age

Playing video games continues to be a favorite pastime for Americans, with three-quarters of US households having at least one video game player.

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US Population by Age & Gender

Chart: US Population by Age & Gender

Gen Z (note: e-Strategy refers to them as Gen V; V for Virtual) is an up-and-coming target audience, but marketers continue to focus a lot of energy on Millennials.

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For-Fee Podcast Listeners

Paying For Podcasts

Of the 50% of US adults who listen to podcasts, around 1 in 6 (17%) have paid to listen to one, while a majority are open to a mix of free and paid podcast models.

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Coronavirus Social Bubbles

Chart: Coronavirus Social Bubbles

Nearly half of Americans say they’ve established social ‘bubbles’ of people they can trust to follow the rules for minimizing the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

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Constantly Online Demographics [CHART]

Chart: Constantly Online Demographics

With an increasing number of devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs that all allow individuals to access the internet, it’s no wonder that more adults are going online and with a greater frequency than ever before.

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Smart Speaker Owner Demographics [CHART]

Chart: Smart Speaker Demographics

Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Home have gained popularity over the last several years, and consumer experts found that these devices were especially popular with holiday season gift buyers last year.

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