Diversity In Advertising

Creating advertising that reflects the diversity of the audiences it targets that is also authentic takes a deeper understanding of race, ethnicity and culture.

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Trust In Facial Recognition AdTech

Chart: Trust In Facial Recognition AdTech

56% of US adults have at least some trust in law enforcement to use facial recognition responsibly. But how do they feel about technology companies and advertisers using this kind of technology? The results aren’t promising.

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Top D2C Acquisition Channels

Chart: Top D2C Acquisition Channels

With many retailers having concerns about selling on marketplaces – ranging from having to share a cut of revenues to potential customer relationship issues – some are choosing to cut out the middle-man and sell to customers directly.

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LinkedIn Retargeting

Infographic: LinkedIn Retargeting Checklist

This infographic from LinkedIn serves as a handy checklist for getting the most out of LinkedIn’s retargeting capabilities.

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