Civil Social Networks: Telepath & Clubhouse

Several entreprenuers are trying to rebuild social media from the ground up, with new features and codes of conduct that they hope will create a more civil environment and one less susceptible to manipulation by malign influences.

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Podcast Listeners’ Response To Podcast Ads

Chart: Podcast Listeners' Response To Audio Ads

Data from Nielsen explores how marketers in the auto industry, which has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic’s closure of plants and supply chains, could leverage an engaged audience of podcast listeners.

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Spotify Virtual Concerts

Virtual Events

An upcoming feature in development at Spotify could help turn things around, by again connecting artists with their fans through ticketed live music events.

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Audio Streaming Hours By Device

Chart: Audio Streaming Hours, January - May, 2020

It’s not just OTT and pay-TV viewing that have seen an increase in use since the beginning of the coronavirus. Audio streaming has also been on the rise as people spend more time in their homes.

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Pandemic Fashion

JabberMask - COVID-19 Mask

Because there’s no expression when you have a mask on, game designer Tyler Glaiel is looking to solve that problem.

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Voice Activated Apartments

Alexa For Residential

It looks like Amazon is going a B2B route with its smart speakers. Echo for Residential is the name of the new service and it’s basically a smart speaker management system for property managers.

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