Factors That Affect Trust In Brands

Chart: Brand Trust Factors

As the wealth gap between affluent Americans and the rest widens, one-third (33%) of American consumers say trusting a brand is important because they are struggling financially and cannot afford to waste any money on a bad purchase.

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Best In Class Social Media Elements

Chart: Best In Class Social Media Elements

With most brands convinced about the benefits that a strong social presence can bring, social media marketers face the challenge of cutting through the noise to reach their target audiences.

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Top Business Uses For Texting

Chart: Top Business Uses for Texting

A majority of businesses that use texting to engage with customers do so for scheduling purposes, with about half using the messaging tool for customer service and support.

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Online Shoppers Top CX Considerations [CHART]

In a January 2019 survey from digital consultancy Avionos, the largest share of US digital shoppers said that fast shipping makes for a positive retail experience—more so than an easy return policy, friendly customer service reps, or buy online, pick up in-store (BOPUS) options. Similarly, a June 2019 survey from project44 found that 52% of consumers…

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Challenges Of Chatbot Use [CHART]

Chart: Challenges Of Chatbot Use

These AI-powered helpers can answer questions 24/7 and don’t make users wait on hold, but not everyone sees the benefits of interacting with chatbots in lieu of other channels.

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Shoppers' Customer Experience Expectations [CHART]

Chart: Shoppers' Customer Experience Expectations

Digital transformation has had a significant effect on nearly all companies over the past couple of years. For some marketers, it has forced them to rethink how systems, tools and team members must work together to successfully meet larger business objectives.

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