Diversity In Advertising

Creating advertising that reflects the diversity of the audiences it targets that is also authentic takes a deeper understanding of race, ethnicity and culture.

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Infographic Layouts

Infographic: Infographic Layouts

This infographic by SeeMei Chow from Picktochart illustrate six layout examples for highlighting different types of data in infographics.

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Social Media Universe

Social Media MAUs, 2020

This excellent infographic from Visual Capitalist illustrates the user base size of the most popular social media channels, as measured by Monthly Active Users.

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LinkedIn Retargeting

Infographic: LinkedIn Retargeting Checklist

This infographic from LinkedIn serves as a handy checklist for getting the most out of LinkedIn’s retargeting capabilities.

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2020 Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic: 2020 Travel - GlobalWebIndex

Safety is the number one concern governing the foreseeable future of travel across every demographic, according to the State of Travel in 2020 report by the GlobalWebIndex.

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The State Of Webinars

Infographic: Webinars 2020

The statistics in this infographic is based on data from more than 600,000 webinars hosted on the ClickMeeting platform in 2019. Webinar use has no-doubt increased significantly since the onset of Covid-19.

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