Comcast High Speed Internet Commercial – The Slowskys

This is a superb example of how to extend a television commercial online. You’ve probably seen this spot for Comcast high speed Internet featuring their spokesturtles, Bill and Karolyn Slowsky:

It’s a cute ad that effectively makes the point that cable broadband is faster than DSL broadband. As a television commercial, it’s an excellent piece of work that stands on its own. But the message is extended at the close by telling the viewer to go online to

The web site is the personal blog of Bill and Karolyn Slowsky that extends and reinforces the points made in the TV spot. As a viral marketing tool, blog let’s you send virtual (belated, of course) greeting cards. You can watch the TV ads from the site. You can even IM them and a real person responds.

The blog promises an online chess game. You can browse Bill’s photo album, a collection of pictures of speed bumps. A post from January 29 congratulates the Chicago White Sox on winning the World Series…in October. Everything on the blog reinforces the idea of slowness.

The ad has been uploaded to Google Video and YouTube and, as of this writing, has been viewed 1,027 times at YouTube during the past week. This viral marketing campaign extends the commercial’s value even further at virtually no cost at all.

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