Broadband Adoption Driving Online Video

[PDF] that 68% of American Internet users are getting online through a broadband connection from their home. That’s up from 33% in February, 2003. They’re spending five more hours of time online per month; In February, 2003, they stayed online for 25.5 hours a month while last month that number was up to 30.5 hours a month.

Broadband adoption helps explain the growing popularity of online video.

had 9.3 million unique visitors last month, a 44% increase from the previous year. had 9 million unique visitors last month and had 6.2 million. While both (4.3 million) and (3.7 million) each had significantly fewer visitors, they both experienced explosive growth from the year before: IFILM had 102% growth and Yahoo Video had 148% growth.

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