Latinx Technographics

Chart: Latinx Technographics

Latinx currently make up one-fifth (19%) of the total US population, yet this demographic often feels ignored by advertisers. But, how do advertisers reach this population of Americans? A report from Nielsen shows that streaming media is one such place.

In almost every instance, Latinx over-indexes when it comes to ownership of tech devices. In Q1 2020, 6 in 10 (62%) owned an internet-connected device, making them 29% more likely than the general population to own such a device.

Likewise, with two-thirds of Latinx owning an enabled Smart TV, they are 25% more likely than the total US population to own one.

They are also 15% more likely to own a game console, 13% more likely to own a computer and 4% more likely to own a smartphone.

With Latinx Americans over-indexing in ownership of connected devices, it’s not surprising that video streaming penetration is above-average among Hispanic households.

Nielsen reports that in 2020, some 78% of Latinx households have at least one video streaming service, compared to 74% of total US households.

Considered the network streamers are hard-pressed to do without, three-fourths (76%) of total consumers say they use Netflix on at least a monthly basis.

That percentage is even higher among Latinx, with 81% self-reporting that they use the streaming service monthly.

Another service that Latinx households are more likely to use than the general population is Disney+. Half of Latinx say they use the service on a monthly basis, compared to 42% of the total population. Nielsen attributes this to a higher number of children in Latinx households. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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