Spotify Virtual Concerts

Segment from Episode 321 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Spotify Virtual Events Transcript

David Erickson: Spotify–this is from a TechCrunch article by Sarah Perez and Ingrid Lunden–is developing a new feature that is not yet publicly available that will help alert music fans to an artist’s upcoming virtual event.

Reverse Engineer

David Erickson: The feature was discovered by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. As I said, it’s not publicly available yet. She dug through the code to find this, apparently.

BL Ochman: That’s a job? A reverse engineer?

David Erickson: I don’t know if it’s a job or if that’s just what they’re calling her because that’s what she did.

Virtual Events Infrastructure

David Erickson: Spotify already works with ticketing companies:

  • Ticketmaster,
  • Songkick,
  • Resident Advisor,
  • Eventbrite,
  • AXS, and
  • eplus in Japan.

So they have the partnerships in place to, you know, do the ticketing to sell for virtual events.

They also obviously have the infrastructure in place for the musical side of things, so it seems like a good match.

Muscians’ Earnings From Live Music

David Erickson: Before The Plague came along, live music had obviously been a very significant part of how musicians make money.

Earnings for live gigs could be as much as 75% of top musicians’ earnings. So it’s a huge chunk for musicians…things that they need to recoup when they’re not doing live gigs.

But interesting new feature that we’ll see if it comes to comes to pass but a smart move, I think.

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