How B2B Buyers Prefer To Make Contact

Infographic: How B2B Buyers Prefer To Make Contact

According to the GlobalWebIndex’s GWI Work wave 2 survey of 2,889 business-to-business buyers from ten markets, 61% prefer to contact B2B vendors via email near the end of the research phase of the buyer’s journey.

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Spotify Virtual Concerts

Virtual Events

An upcoming feature in development at Spotify could help turn things around, by again connecting artists with their fans through ticketed live music events.

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Trade Show Revenues, 2015-2024

Chart: Trade Show Revenues - 2015-2024

According to estimates from PwC, the U.S. trade show market alone will see exhibition spending drop by $10 billion this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a 64-percent decline compared to 2019.

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No In-Person Events Until Late 2021

No In-Person Events

While the suspension of in-person conferences and trade shows has been devastating for many industries outside of marketing, one bright spot has been the level of attendance and satisfaction with online or “virtual” events.

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Future Of Virtual Events

Chart: The Future Of Virtual Events

A report from The 614 Group outlines what marketers and advertisers think an alternative future, without various facets of in-person business, could look like.

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