Voice Activated Apartments

Segment from Episode 322 of the Beyond Social Media Show

Alexa For Residential Transcript

This is a story from Geekwire by Kurt Schlosser–how did I not be able to pronounce that?–is the reporter. Anyway, this story caught my eye because my brilliant niece Genna has been working on this project and it just launched.

Amazon Goes B2B With Alexa

It’s Amazon smart speakers, B.L., that it looks like they’re going a B2B route with their smart speakers. They’ve got a–Echo for Residential is the name of the new service. And it’s basically a smart speaker management system for property managers.

Smart Apartments

It makes it easy to deploy and manage voice-enabled devices in apartment buildings. They’re going to sell this to apartment buildings.

No Amazon Account Needed

Residents don’t need to own an Amazon account to use it. They just basically want to create smart apartment buildings. Residents don’t need an Amazon account to use it; they don’t have to purchase any devices. They don’t have to set up anything in their apartment; it just comes with the comes with the price of rent.

Amazon Account Users Get Additional Features

But those who do have accounts can link it for expanded features like playing your music, calling…doing voiceover IP calling. The devices can be reset when residents move out and then they can be used in vacant units to answer questions of people looking at the unit or demoing features available in the apartment.

Amazon For Residential Privacy Settings

Property managers don’t have access to any customer data and voice recordings are automatically deleted every day. If a customer links their personal…their account to their smart speaker in their apartment, they will have full control over the privacy settings and everything. But interesting, fascinating new avenue for Amazon to sell more smart speakers.

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