How People Share Their Opinion With Brands

Chart: How People Give Brands Feedback

More than 8 in 10 (85%) consumers share their opinion with brands by taking surveys, making this the most popular method of giving feedback.

A recent report from DISQO shares this and other insights into how and why consumers choose to make their voice heard by brands.

Encouragingly, a large majority (85%) of those polled by DISQO agree that brands do listen to consumer feedback, with though half of those (43%) only somewhat agree. Just 5% disagree.

Needless to say, consumers feel that these opinions should be listened to. Nine in 10 agree to at least some extent that brands should listen to their feedback, with 3 in 10 (29%) agreeing completely.

A strong majority of respondents (85%) say that they share feedback via surveys.

Other popular channels allowing customers to share opinions directly included:

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