Product Categories For Which Amazon Is Preferred

Chart: Product Categories For Which Amazon Is Preferred

Amazon leads the way among online retail channels in consumers’ views of delivery speed, delivery price, product reviews and more, but it falls behind as a shopping destination in some sectors, according to a recent report from Wunderman Thompson Commerce (WTC).

Amazon continues to dominate various facets of online shopping: three-quarters of consumers surveyed said they wish more brands and retailers offered the same level of services.

Compared to individual brands, social platforms, retailers and other marketplaces, Amazon is seen by consumers as the best in all but one metric, with speedy delivery being their strongest suit – some 57% said Amazon was better than all the others here.

Consumers also rated Amazon best by some margin for free delivery (49%), ease of finding desired products (48%) and having products in stock (47%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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