How People Learn About Retailers [CHART]

Chart: How People Learn About Retailers

Consumers are still highly influenced by word of mouth (W-O-M) when it comes to trying out a new retailer. A full 45% of consumers say that a friend or family member had recommended the most recent retailer they had purchased from for the first time, per findings from a report from Yes Marketing.

W-O-M has been a driving influence throughout the history of marketing and is still as vital in the digital age. This is backed up by recent research that found that W-O-M is one of the top purchasing influencers for Gen X and that recommendations from friends and family have the greatest influence over large purchases.

So, it should not be a surprise that W-O-M is the top method by which people learn about new retailers. Beyond their friends and acquaintances, consumers found out about the latest new retailer via Google search (16% share of respondents), print/mail/TV ads (14%), and recommendations from a product review site (8%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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