Recent Podcast Listeners By Device [CHART]

Chart: Recent Podcast Listeners by Device

Podcast awareness and popularity are both on the rise, with a recent study suggesting that 64% of respondents ages 12 and older are familiar with the term “podcasting,” up from 49% three years ago. A new report from Nielsen indicates that as more adults listen to podcasts, smartphones are emerging as the primary device for engagement.

And that engagement is also climbing: 16 million homes in Fall 2017 could be classified as “avid podcast fans,” up from 13 million in the Fall of 2016.

All told, an estimated 23.9 million US adults last year listened to a podcast on a smartphone during the month prior to the survey from which the estimates were derived.

That was more than the estimated audience on computers (10.4 million), tablets (5 million) and other devices (1.7 million) combined. Read the rest at

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