Xbox Kinect: An Immersive, Experiential Advertising Platform

My friend’s son, a toddler, expects any screen to be a capacitive screen because of his experience with his parents’ iPhone. He tries to manipulate old school computer monitors that way and if they don’t work the way he expects, he thinks they are broken.

Microsoft’s newest addition to its Xbox 360 accessory lineup, the Kinect motion-sensing controller, does the Wii one better by turning the human body into the input device. The device continues the trend for the complete elimination of artificial input devices and will help set expectations from here on out.

In this interview, Carolyn Everson, head of global advertising sales for Microsoft, discusses how Kinect, the company’s new motion-sensing controller for the Xbox 360, will offer advertisers a new immersive and experiential platform. Found at YouTube from BeetTV.

Will technology such as the Kinect user in an era of immersive, experiential communications and, if so, what does that mean for professional communicators?

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