19 Excellent Podcasts For Communications Professionals

These are the advertising, communications, marketing, media and social media podcasts I listen to regularly (numbered and listed in alphabetical order):

  1. The Advertising ShowBrad Forsythe and Ray Schilens talk all things advertising.
  2. DishyMix –  Susan Bratton interviews famous media and Internet business execs.
  3. Engadget – Techy but a good podcast to keep on top of what new consumer electronics are coming down the pike.
  4. Find and ConvertBernie Borges discusses search and social media marketing.
  5. For Immediate Release – Twice weekly commentary on public relations and technology by Shel Holz & Neville Hobson.
  6. iMedia Connection – Focuses on online marketing.
  7. Inside PRTerry Fallis and David Jones talk shop.
  8. Jaffe Juice Video PodcastJoseph Jaffe discusses marketing; he also has an hour long audio podcast.
  9. JD Lasica’s Video Podcast – Interviews with social media innovators.
  10. Managing The GrayC.C. Chapman‘s social media podcast.
  11. The Marketing EdgeAlbert Maruggi interviews marketing luminaries while also sharing his insights.
  12. Marketing Over CoffeeJohn Wall and Christopher Penn cover traditional and new marketing.
  13. Marketing VoicesJennifer Jones‘ weekly podcast interviewing marketing professionals.
  14. New Comm RoadBryan Peterson discusses new media tools and tactics.
  15. On The Media – NPR’s podcasts of the radio show focusing on how the news media do their job.
  16. On The Record, Online by Eric Schwartzman, who interviews media about how they use the Internet.
  17. Six Pixels of SeparationMitch Joel discusses digital marketing & personal branding.
  18. User Friendly ThinkingJohn Munsell and Paul Chaney interview online marketing professionals.
  19. WebmasterRadio.fm – Includes an entire lineup of online marketing related shows.

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