Bacon, Social Media Breakfast, The State Fair & Conan O’Brien

Tomorrow’s gathering will be held at the State Fair and it just so happens that I’ve been working on a social media campaign that involves the State Fair. It appears that many of my favorite things are coming together at once. 🙂

One of our clients, No Name Steaks, took Conan O’Brien up on his offer when he said that he’d bring his show to the Minnesota State Fair if he could get his weight in chocolate covered bacon. No Name responded by commissioning a white chocolate bust of Conan with No Name Steak bacon for his hair.

It was featured on The Tonight Show last night:

They also created a video of the Bacon Chocolate Conan Bust traversing the United States, from No Name Steaks in St. Michael, Minnesota, to the the largest ball of twine, to Area 51 and Las Vegas (my favorite is the Blue Man Group), and, ultimately, to Conan’s studios in Hollywood:

The video was also accompanied by a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a Flickr photo album:

Conan O'Brien Bacon Chocolate Head Taking Off From No Name Steaks Headquarters In St. Michael, Minnesota

The most activity thus far has occurred on Twitter. The first tweet came from someone who delivered the bust; then tweets came from Tonight Show staffers themselves, who were commenting about and TwitPic-ing the bust.

Conan O'Brien staff twitpics the white chocolate bust that was delivered to the Tonight Show from No Name Steaks.

I’m always fascinated with how social media campaigns unfold and this one is no different. And, of course, the campaign is still unfolding as we try to lure Conan to our fair state and our State Fair.

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