Book Review

Tribes – By Seth Godin

Book Cover: Tribes by Seth Godin

Maybe it’s just because I’m immersed in this stuff but I found Tribes by Seth Godin to be….obvious.

The book is an easy read once you get used to Godin’s scattershot prose. It is also a good primer on the idea of tribes: A group of people who connect with one another based on a shared interest or idea.

Godin examines tribes, what makes them a tribe, how they form, and how they behave. This is important to know; I just thought it was all a bit elementary. If you feel you don’t have a great grasp on the subject, then I do recommend you read Tribes; if you think you’ve got a good understanding of the subject, don’t bother.

The following video is a speech Godin gave at the TED conference about tribes. It might help you decided whether or not to pick up the book:

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