iPhone Moms – The One Big Thing Pat Lilja Thinks You Should Know

I’ve decided to open up The One Big Thing to what other people think The One Big Thing Is. This is what I”m thinking: I’m lucky enough to meet a lot of very interesting and very thoughtful people from which I learn a great deal. Why not ask them what they think is The One Big Thing I should know?

The One Big Thing doesn’t necessarily have to do with marketing or communications really, but should be something that points to the future in some fashion and why it has significance.

I get to share with you some thoughts of the smart people I come in contact with, I don’t have to write a blog post on that day and I get to give that person a little well-deserved exposure.

The first guest The One Big Thing, then, comes from none other than Pat Lilja, my co-e-Strategist here at Tunheim Partners, a friend, and a guy who knows pretty much everything, including that The One Big Thing you need to know about are iPhone Moms.

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