My New Employer

As , I’ve left the wilds of independent consultancy and taken my Internet marketing practice to , a Twin Cities-based strategic communications company that offers public relations, public affairs  and, my specialty, of course, Internet marketing.

My first official day on the job was Tuesday but since I’ve been working alongside my new colleagues since October, it did not at all feel like "the first day." Going from the freedom I had being self-employed, to the requirements of being an employee has been a fairly big, but entirely positive, change for me.

Now I really get to focus on the things I love to do and no longer have to deal with the necessary but pain in the ass things that go along with running your own business.

It really hit me last Friday because I had just a fantastic day that, when I stopped to think about it, made me all the more excited about working here. The first half of my day was taken up with working on several very cool and exciting online campaigns we are in the process of executing.

In addition to making me feel right at home from the moment I moved in, the people here are incredible to work with. As an independent guy, I often worked pretty much alone and when I did work with teams, it was not on a daily basis. It’s a dynamic I didn’t realize I missed and one I very much enjoy.

The reason I enjoy it so much is because everyone I work with is smart, skilled, and passionate about what they do. I’ve got a ton of talent with which to work, so I’m able to do some very engaging work that I had not often had the chance to do.

My lunch hour was spent discussing and debating some serious public policy ideas! As a matter of the course of business, we were trying to come to terms and understand some aspects of a problem and the way we did that was through discussion and debate.

I absolutely love such intellectual exercises, so it was like being in college again.

Then the rest of the day I returned to working on exciting projects.  When the day was over, I just thought to myself: I love my new job!

So, for the record: I am now Director of e-Strategy at Tunheim Partners. My email address here is . My phone number is 952-851-7242.


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