Joe Mauer Plays Off Joe Green In New Twins Ads

The Minnesota Twins just released two spots for their new television advertising campaign. One features Torri Hunter at a kid’s birthday party.

The other features Joe Mauer in a take off of the famous 1979 Coke commerical featuring Pittsburg Steelers defensive end Mean Joe Green.

Sites such as Google Video and iFilm have got the viral marketing aspect of online video figured out. Those sites provide code for many of the videos they offer so site owners and bloggers can easily paste the video into their site.

This is another indication of the explosion of what I’m calling the Sharing Web. As more and more people begin to blog and use such social networking tools as and , the viral component of online marketing becomes more important than ever.

Unfortunately, the Twins don’t offer code for their commercials but iFilm does, so you can compare the Joe Mauer spot with its predecessor, the Coke ad:

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