US Boycotters By Household Income

Chart: US Boycotters By Household Income

Americans often are not shy about letting their wallets speak when a brand does something that displeases them, whether it be the business acting irresponsibly, allowing a data breach or failing to represent their community or ethnicity.

Data from YouGov shows that half of US adults have ceased buying goods or services in protest of a business.

The likelihood that a consumer will be willing to boycott a brand increases with income level.

While a little more than two-fifths (43%) of consumers with an income of less than $40K say they have boycotted a business, that figure rises to 56% among those with an income of $40K-$80K and 67% of those making more than $80K.

Earlier YouGov research also revealed that affluent consumers place a brand’s ethics high on the priority list for those they use and recommend.

Older Americans are also more likely than average to boycott a brand or business.

The survey found that a similar percentage of consumers age 45-54-years-old (56%) and those 55 and older (57%) have boycotted a brand.

YouGov speculates that this may be due to consumers in these age groups living through more corporate scandals. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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