TikTok Paparazzi

Segement from Episode 325 of the Beyond Social Media Show

David Erickson: This is just a delightful story. It’s BuzzFeed‘s Tanya Chen, who reports on a guy named Fletcher Greene, who lives in Los Angeles and he follows around famous teens in Los Angeles and interviews them on camera for his, The Hollywood Fix YouTube channel.

COVID Scatters Celebrities

David Erickson: It talks about the start of the pandemic and how his YouTube channel took a dramatic shift away from capturing traditional celebrities, as Paparazzi are want to do, but he shifted to social media celebrities. And over the past few months, it’s become exclusively TikTok stars that he’s talking to.

BL Ochman: Of which there are many.

TikTok Stars

David Erickson: Yeah, apparently enough to support a YouTube channel. He said it wasn’t a calculated move as much as it was the consequences of COVID-19. And the best thing about this article–we’ll put a link to it in the show notes, you gotta to read the whole thing–is the quotes are just hilarious.

Stalking Teen Social Media Stars

David Erickson: The guy is just a quote machine. So here’s one of them: “When you scroll through my feed over the years, it’s all mainstream celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff. But when COVID hit, these guys left town and just disappeared, all the celebrities just dried out. I’d go out and work an eight hour shift and come home with an empty memory chip.” Like the alliteration on that. He said the only notable people in Los Angeles that were still in town and out and about were influencers and TikTokers.

High School Drama

David Erickson: And there’s another quote: “I said, ‘let me shoot kids that have millions of fans on TikTok and let me see how it’ll do.’ It just blew up. It was almost like following a high school drama but in real life.”

Another part he talks about how, you know, these kids are the only ones going out. They go to a restaurant. They hang out. Everybody’s outside, it’s Los Angeles and everything’s nice and everything so you can film it. They hang out, they get hammered, and start dancing…start dancing on tables and cheating on their girlfriends.

BL Ochman: And he’s there to film it.

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