LinkedIn’s Labor Stress Index

Labor Stress Segment Transcript

This segment was included in Episode 320 of the Beyond Social Media Show podcast.

David Erickson: LinkedIn–George Anders is the writer on the post–LinkedIn has this Labor Stress Index.

It is basically what kind of stress are different and not surprisingly, their data finds that Recreation Travel has seen the steepest increase in labor stress, has advanced about 27% since January 1. While most industries are up just 10 to 18% in labor stress.

LinkedIn Labor Stress Index Tracks 21 Industries

David Erickson: They track twenty-one industries.

And Finance shows the slowest increase so far in 2020 at 8%. Other industries are between 18 and 17% and they include:

  • Hardware and Networking, which you actually have to go to a physical place and install and stuff.
  • Healthcare: Obviously, there’s issues there.
  • Education: again.
  • Arts: Are people going to see you know, galleries and stuff, anymore?
  • Transportation and Logistics: Airplanes are kind of dangerous, a little bit.
  • Legal.
  • Real Estate: People aren’t showing houses as much anymore.
  • Retail: Obviously.
  • Nonprofits: People don’t have any money.
  • Wellness and Fitness,
  • Consumer Goods and
  • Public Administration.

There are steeper rates of 18 to 24% for:

  • Software and Information Technology, for
  • Entertainment, for
  • Manufacturing,
  • Corporate Services,
  • Media and Communications: Which, I’m always kind of like: are we Media and Communications? Are we Corporate Services? Digital Communications.

BL Ochman: I think we’re Communications.

David Erickson: Yeah, I think so, too.

BL Ochman: Yeah.

Design Stress

David Erickson: Design had a 31% increase. And then–

BL Ochman: In stress?

David Erickson: In stress, yeah. So I imagine–I mean, there’s probably a lot of designers so the competition is fierce and people are getting laid off. So there’s more competition. I don’t know. That’s my guess. (There’s that gnat again.)

Energy & Mining Stress

David Erickson: Lastly, Energy and Mining, which got hit by the COVID slow down as well as the drop–that concurrent drop in oil prices. And that posted 45% leap in stress. So there you go. The numbers are what you’d imagine they’d be.

BL Ochman: We are stressed, all right.

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