CrowdTangle Link Checker

This is called CrowdTangle Link Checker. This is from a NextWeb article by Yaron Yitzhak.

CrowdTangle is a Facebook-owned social media monitoring tool and the CrowdTangle team has released a Google Chrome extension called CrowdTangle Link Checker.

You install it–you need to log into your Facebook account in order to get access to the data.

But then you can get quick access to some sharing data–social sharing data–for any URL you’re visiting at the time.

Social Sharing Data

It gives you data for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter–you need to log in on Twitter to get that–and Reddit.

I primarily use BuzzSumo for social sharing research. But this is a great, quick way of getting a little bit of insight while you’re browsing, maybe for other purposes.

So, I want to quick check–Ah, this looks like…I wonder how many people shared this? Click on the extension and find out some quick data on that.

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