Where Americans Listen To Music

Chart: Where Americans Listen To Music

According to a Morning Consult/Hollywood Reporter poll of adult Americans who listen to music about once a week or more, most of them (69%) listen to music via traditional AM/FM radio stations.

This poll, however, was conducted in January before The Plague washed unchecked over the country. I would not be surprised if that traditional radio number has plummeted, given that for many people, work-from-home has elimated commuting. That average 20 minute time span was often devoted to radio consumption.

56% of Americans cited music videos as their source, followed by streaming music services like Spotify, at 46%.

Satellite radio accounts for a little more than a quarter (26%) and compact discs account for a little less than a quarter (22%).

Audiophiles are represented with five percent listening to vinyl records. But weirdly, cassette tapes (3%) and eight-tracks (1%) are significant enough to even register.

eMarketer senior corporate account director Michael Civins, forecasting analyst Peter Vahle and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna discuss which music platforms Americans use and the growing significance of podcast listening.


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