Sketchboard – Online Collaboration

Sketchboard is an online collaborative whiteboard that is easy to use for sketching out concepts with a group, ranging from

  • Creating a wireframe for a website,
  • To documenting a workflow,
  • To illustrating a organizational chart,
  • To mapping out an idea.

It is a web application, so it is accessible from any browser, which makes it easy for a team to use this tool during this age of work-from-home pandemipocalypse.

I used it to help clarify a fairly complicated idea I’ve been thinking of writing about. Here’s a screenshot after 15 minutes of trying it out as a mind mapping tool:

Screenshot: Sketchboard Mind Mapping Tool

The free version gives you the ability to create public Sketchboards and one private board to which you can invite collaborators.

Sketchboard Promotional Video

Here’s the promo video for Sketchboard. (If I was an immature person, I’d make fun of his accent. But I’m not. So I won’t).

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