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This is email signature marketing objectives. It is based on a survey of 750 global marketers and business owners, 66% of whom say they rely on the corporate email as a main source for interaction with their customers and prospects. That’s not surprising.

The survey asked about objectives for their email signatures in particular. Which is what caught my eye because I’ve never seen any survey addressing that particular topic. But in order, then:

  • The most common objective for email signatures is to raise brand awareness: 82% said so;
  • Driving traffic to their website, 48%;
  • Generating leads, 34%;
  • Announcing new products, 23%;
  • Promoting events, 19%; and
  • Retaining customers, 19%.

So, interesting data there.

Chart: Email Signature Marketing Objectives

Email remains one of the top marketing channels for driving sales, but it’s not just email content that can facilitate objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation or increasing sales. Email signatures can also be used to drive these objectives, per a new report from Newoldstamp.

Two-thirds (66%) of the more than 750 global marketers and small business owners surveyed for the report say they rely on their corporate email as their main source of interaction with customers and prospects.

Additionally, 61% working for small businesses send more than 10 emails daily, while three-quarters (74%) of solopreneurs send up to 10 per day.

And, while an email signature may seem like an added flourish at the end of a communication, many use these signatures to achieve specific marketing goals. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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