Consumers Opting For Reputable News Sources [CHART]

Chart: Consumers Opting For Reputable News Sources

While the trust US adults have in the media has experienced a considerable dip in recent years, there are indications that trust in mass media is returning.

And yet despite this growing trust, it’s clear that the seemingly steady flow of fake news being shared through social media and other online avenues has changed the way Americans are viewing and sharing news online, per a new report from the Reuters Institute.

Among the more than 2,000 US adults surveyed (as part of a global survey of more than 75,000 respondents), 2 in 5 (40%) report that in the past year they are relying on more reputable news sources.

Along that same line, one-third (34%) of US respondents say they are no longer using sources with a more questionable reputation for accuracy.

Mistrust has also led respondents to take the initiative to delve deeper into the validity of a news story.

Almost half (47%) of respondents say they check the accuracy of a story by comparing multiple sources. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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