Email Benchmarks By Industry [TABLE]

Table: Email Benchmarks By Industry

Email click-through declined for business as usual emails in Q4 2018 on a year-over-year basis, per the latest email and benchmark trends report from Epsilon.

Segmenting the data by industry, financial services (credit cards and banks) had the highest unique open rates of the final quarter at 31.9%, followed by automotive (26.3%).

Industries such as general consumer services (20.0%), general consumer and business publishing/media (16.8%) and consumer products — pharmaceutical (12.1%) all saw an increase in total open rates of at least 5% over the year-earlier period.

Some industries didn’t fare as well, though. While still having a relatively high unique open rate of 17.9%, travel/hospitality and travel services experienced a decrease of at least 5% year-over-year.

Other industries that suffered a similarly-sized decrease were business products and services (13.1%), telecom consumer services (15.9%), retail (14.9%) and consumer products/CPG (12.2%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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