Channels Used For Personalization [CHART]

Chart: Channels Used For Personalization

Some 71% of organizations – primarily based in the UK and Europe – undertake some form of personalization in their marketing activity, according to the latest Optimization Report (previously Conversion Rate Optimization Report) from Econsultancy and RedEye Optimisation. That 71% represents an uptick from 62% last year, and is the highest level reported by client-side respondents in at least 5 years.

Agency respondents reported an even greater uptake: 79% said their clients undertake some form of personalization in their marketing activity, up from 73% last year and 60% in 2014.

It’s unlikely that the use of personalization will decline, judging by the high rate of success ascribed to these efforts. Fully 8 in 10 company respondents said they’ve experienced an uplift since implementing personalization.

Among those seeing results, roughly one-quarter have enjoyed an uplift of more than 10%, including almost one-fifth whose uplift exceeded 20%. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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