Social Media Use Frequency By Channel [CHART]

Chart: Social Media Use Frequency

About 7 in 10 American adults report being online “almost constantly” (26%) or “several times a day” (43%), according to recent data from the Pew Research Center. Many of those are likely spending their online time visiting social media platforms, judging by new studies from the Pew Research Center and from Reuters.

Each study looked at several social platforms to measure the frequency with which they’re being used. This article will break out highlights from each and see how they compare.

Facebook is not only the most widely used platform, but it’s also the most frequently-accessed by its users, according to the study from Reuters, which was conducted by Ipsos.

Just 14% of the online US adults surveyed reported not using Facebook, meaning that 86% use it, even rarely. Meanwhile, 51% of all respondents said they’re on the platform continuously throughout the day, which translates to 59% of users (factoring in that 86% are using the platform).

That stat bears repeating: the current privacy furor in the US surrounds a platform that half of all online US adults claim to use continuously throughout the day. (No wonder Facebook has so much data…) Read the rest at

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