iPhone Photography Tutorials

iPhone Photography Tutorials

As marketers and public relations professionals, we are increasingly being asked to create visuals and given that we all carry around fairly powerful cameras on our mobile phones, the easiest way for us to start creating visual content is via photography.

However, how to capture great photography is a skill most of us have yet to cultivate. A little help is always appreciated.

Renowned professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth has produced a series of iPhone photography tutorials for the Adorama YouTube channel during which he gives tips, provides advice, and explains photography concepts that will help you get the most out of your smartphone photos.

Hollingsworth holds court on shooting sunrises and sunsets, capturing the character of small towns and the excitement of urban centers, shooting landscapes and portraits, among many other topics.

Topics that could be applied to specific industries include Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, and Travel Photography segments but there is much to learn for any industry. The following playlist includes them all.

Picture Perfect iPhone Photography with Jack Hollingsworth Playlist

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