Google Keep

Google Keep is a great productivity tool for:

  • Saving quick notes
  • Creating To Do lists
  • Saving and sharing photographs

You can use Keep on Android and iOS. Here’s the promo video for Keep:

I use the web version (, however, to write down a quick thought, create a daily to-do list, and save and/or share a photo.

I will keep it open on a tab and paste in links to stories, reports or tools that I plan to include in my weekly Beyond Social Media Show podcast, for research I’m conducting for client, or to keep track of stories I might want to write about.

As with most every Google product, there’s a search option baked in, so if you accumulate a lot of notes, there’s an easy way to find them. Here’s what my Google Keep account currently looks like:

Screenshot: Google Keep Notes

And since it is a web-based service, the best part is Keep is available wherever you can log into your Google account.

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