How Internet TV Viewers React To Ads [CHART]

Chart -How Internet TV Viewers React To Ads

When seeing a message or ad for something that interested them or that they were planning to purchase, 71% of connected TV users report having taken an action as a result of the ad (e.g., by clicking on the ad to learn more), and 19% say they have purchased the product mentioned in the ad, according to an August 2012 report from YuMe. Of 7 possible actions identified, the most common was visiting the website mentioned in the ad, by 30% of viewers.

Other actions taken by these viewers included: looking for information about the product (26%); looking for a product to purchase in a store or online (also 26%); liking or following a brand or product (25%); considering purchasing the product mentioned in the ad (also at 25%); selecting or clicking on the ad to learn more (23%); sharing information about the product or brand with others (21%); and telling someone else about the information in the ad (also 21%). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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