Google Enters The REAL TV Business

All Things D reports:

Google just announced as part of its Google Fiber broadband Internet service that it will be getting into the real TV business.
The disclosure came at a presentation in Kansas City, where it is unveiling a high-speed Internet offering. The presentation is still unfolding so I’ll be adding more information as it comes. The big question is which networks will be participating with Google.

The TV experience will not only be available on regular TVs in HD quality, but also on iPads and Android tablets, via a Google Fiber TV app. It also includes a DVR-service that has two terabytes of storage.

The Internet service is going to run at 1 gigabit a second, both for downloading and uploading, which is about 100 times faster than the standard cable modem that runs at about 15 megabits. The service comes bundled with a terabyte of network storage on Google Drive.

Found at YouTube from Google via All Things D.

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