The Rise Of The Social Business


1% of CEOs aged 50 and older maintain a work-related blog daily.
22% of CEOs aged 40-49 do so.
28% of CEOs younger than 40 years old do so.
2% of CEOs aged 50 and older use Twitter daily.
15% of CEOs aged 40-49 do so.
32% of CEOs younger than 40 years old do so.

THOUGHT: The older you are, the less likely it is that you will have adopted online technologies. This has been true since the advent of widespread use of the Internet.

With the exodus of 77 million Baby Boomers from the workforce as they retire, new, more connected, and more new-media savvy Gen X executives are poised to take control of businesses.

Couple these tweeting, blogging, mobile CEOs with the influx of Millennials who expect to take their online life into the workplace with them, and you’ve got a recipe for businesses that are much more public, transparent, informal and personality-driven.

We’ve only begun to glimpse how these forces will shape businesses but I think one of the most significant changes will be the dispersion of authority throughout an organization.

Whereas the top-down authority structure worked well for an Industrial Age economy, it positively hamstrings an organization in a world in which communication tools are ubiquitous.

The simplest example of this is customer service: If you don’t respond to customer service complaints on Twitter promptly (and prompt has a vastly different meaning now than it did in 1990), your deafening silence means you do not care.

In order to address the issue, you need to give enough authority to customer service representatives to not just communicate with the customer, but have the proper access and status to resolve the matter.

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MINNESOTA MONDAY: The US Postal Service, which began its storied existence on horseback, will close four processing centers in Minnesota as part of a nationwide cutback due to shrinking mail volume, according to the Associated Press. The passing of an era begins.

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