The Varieties Of Mobile Email Behavior



35% of global mobile workers check their email first thing in the morning before they do anything else.

THOUGHT: Data from a new report by Knotice shows that mobile’s share of all email opens rises consistently from noon until 5 AM and then dropping significantly by 9 AM, the beginning of the workday.

The report also shows that click-through rates on mobile emails are consistently lower across most industries than for desktop emails. Consumer products emails, for example, have the highest mobile click-through rates at 18.99% but their desktop counterparts score a 29.17% click-through rate.
So what gives?

Think about the experience. Clicking on mobile email links interrupts what you’re doing on your smart phone, which is not suited to multitasking. I scan newsletter emails on my smart phone in the morning so I know which articles I’ll want to read when I get to my desk at the office.

Interestingly, tablet email opens peak at 9 PM but then taper off during the later hours of the evening. That suggests that people check their email on tablets while watching TV but when they take their iPad to the bedroom, they’re more likely to be watching video on it or reading an eBook.

If you’re running email campaigns, then, and pointing links to your website or blog, I’d pay close attention to the traffic email drives, by time of day and segmented by device. If you’re sending out product emails at 5 PM but are getting a bunch of tablet traffic at 8 PM, then maybe it makes more sense to send your emails at that time so they don’t get buried in the intervening three hours.

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