Real-Time eTailing For Black Friday

Graph of Foursquare Black Friday retail checkins



22% of the retail checkins at Foursquare last Black Friday occurred at a department store.
16% occurred at a mall.
10% occurred at an electronics store.
And 10% occurred at a clothing store.

THOUGHT: You’re website is optimized for search and mobile. Your Black Friday emails are set to go. Your inventory is locked and loaded. You’re all staffed up and ready to go for Black Friday. 

But with the scale of promotions the big box stores can provide, what else is there a boutique retailer can do on the busiest shopping day of the season? 

Here’s a thought: Real-time eTailing. 

The beauty of online communications is that people declare themselves online. If I’m a small toy store with a Wal-Mart in the vicinity, for example, I’d be paying attention to the chatter on Foursquare and Twitter to see if I can’t nab a few customers from the big boys.

Many people have their Foursquare accounts to automatically update their Facebook and Twitter accounts with with their location statuses as well.

Foursquare uses a standard convention for their location-based status updates. Foursquare starts each checkin update with “I’m at” followed by the business’ name and that is followed by the business’ address in parenthesis. 

If I check in at Tunheim on Foursquare, then, my status update would look something like this: I’m at Tunheim (8009 34th Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55425). Now that you know the status update convention for Foursquare, you can use that to find people checking in at businesses near you.

Use Twitter Search ( to find people who are checking in on Foursquare at the Wal-Mart near your hypothetical toy store. Check their Twitter feed to see if they’ve talked about any items on their shopping list, then respond to them with a tweet with a message that might lure them over to your location, too. 

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: 55% of the people searching for “Black Friday” are women; 45% are men, according to Yahoo! Clues.

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