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For every comment a Facebook post with a link gets, it receives on average 14.7 clicks.
For every like a post that includes a link gets, its link receives on average 3.1 clicks.
Overall clicks per impression were 0.005.

THOUGHT: EdgeRank is the formula by which Facebook determines the visibility it gives content within people’s Facebook feeds.

Among the factors Facebook takes into consideration are engagement metrics like Likes, Shares and Comments.

If you want your Facebook content to get the greatest visibility among your fans and their networks, then you need to work at encouraging people to interact with your content.

That starts, of course, with understanding your Facebook audience and knowing what kind of content appeals to them. You also must be able to either create compelling content they want to interact with or sharing the same.

And finally, the engagement with your content–and, if click-throughs are what you want, the volume of those–will be greatly encouraged if you are active on your own page by encouraging comments from fans, asking them questions, Liking their comments, and fostering the discussions that arise from your content.

That is the role of a community manager, a position that requires no meager selection of skills. 

A community manager must have sound language skills, especially the ability to write in an informal, conversational tone; she must be capable of creating compelling content and understand what content gains traction among community members and why; perhaps most importantly, though, she must have a solid grasp of sociology, psychology and the motivations of community members.

A community manager is often the difference between an online presence that echoes with links and little else and one that bristles with the activity of community members.

SUPER COOL TOOL TUESDAY: Is It Old tells you the age of a link to keep you from the embarrassment of passing along a link everyone has already seen.  

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