eCommerce To Grow Over Bricks & Mortar This Year

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eCommerce To Grow Over Bricks & Mortar This Year



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eMarketer estimates that US retail eCommerce holiday-season sales will rise 16.8% this year.
Accounting for $46.7 billion.

THOUGHT: People are looking to save wherever they can, both time and money, and it is getting easier to do both. The most obvious way to address both is to shop from home; you save on gas and travel time.

The convergence of four trends are propelling this change in behavior.

One is the ease of finding deals online through research, eCoupons, Daily Deals, or discount codes.

Trend two is the near ubiquity of free shipping.

Trend three is the rise of tablet computing, which has made the online shopping experience more enjoyable than ever.

Trend four is the time crunch. Everyone is stretched as thin as rice paper, so the ability to shop when it’s most convenient for you without having to battle holiday crowds is awfully appealing.

The numbers I cited estimate all retail eCommerce sales during November and December, so it’s a little late to be messing with your eCommerce presence now.

But it’s never too late to look for ways to make it as easy as possible for customers to do business with you.

Do your customers even know that they can buy from you online?

Highlight your products in the most appealing fashion with flattering photos, demonstrative video, and snappy copy (study Groupon and Living Social).

When promoting specific products on Facebook or Twitter, link directly to the product’s individual page so you the customer doesn’t have to find it themselves.

Configure your analytics so you know what you’re getting out of each channel.

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