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Mobile Buying



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63% of tablet owners have made a purchase with their device.
Only 31% of mobile owners have.

THOUGHT: The only thing that surprises me here is just how prevalent tablet transactions are on a device type that is so new.

People are typically cautious with things financial when using new technology. It took quite a while for people to become comfortable buying things on a website, after all.

The thing with tablets is the experience is so enjoyable and easy and familiar, like paging through a magazine or a catalog; perhaps it’s that sense of familiarity that makes tablet transactions easier.

If I’m selling stuff online these days, I’m going to take a good, long look at my website analytics and mobile traffic, segment it by device, and learn how people are using my site. I’m going to take those paths through my website using those devices and experience online shopping from my customer’s point of view.

What are the obstacles? How can the experience be made more enjoyable? How can I make it easier to buy from me?

If the tablet itself is lowering the barriers to purchase, I’ll want to remove any obstacles on my website to enhance that experience.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Tumblr started censoring the blog posts of its users today to illustrate the company’s concern over the PROTECT IP and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), driving keyword searches for the phrase “internet censorship” to the fourth most searched phrase at Google today and “SOPA” to the very top.

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