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Social Media Marketing & Pop Culture



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Among 18-34 year old television viewers, a 9% increase in online buzz about a TV show four weeks prior to that show’s premier corresponds to a 1% increase in actual TV ratings.

THOUGHT: The great thing about online communication is that people declare themselves. They declare who they are based on the search queries they perform, they declare who they are based on the content they Like and the people and brands they follow, they declare who they are in their status updates.

It’s all lifestyle data. It’s all psychographics.

I’ve discussed before how people hold real-time online discussions through Twitter and Facebook around the television shows they watch, be it Glee or Monday Night Football.

What I don’t think many people understand, though, is by paying attention to your customers’ pop culture preferences, you can more easily find more customers and hone your message more sharply to segments of potential customers.

By doing a survey of your existing customers that asks what television shows they watch, what music they listen to, what sports they prefer, etc., and slice and dice those results with basic demographic information like gender, age, income, geography, you can get a much easier handle on where to mine for new customers. Do you follow the #Glee hashtag on Twitter or the #NFL one?

Here’s a suggestion for Facebook that would give marketers tremendous insight into their audiences while also likely sell more Facebook ads: Give me the aggregate data of what other Facebook pages the followers of my page like. If a large percentage of my followers on Facebook also like the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, I want to know that. Tell me that and then give me a demographic breakdown of those people.

Armed with that data, I could then buy Facebook ads aimed at fans of the Boardwalk Empire page in an attempt to attract new customers. Armed with that data, I may want to start talking about Boardwalk Empire on my page.

Such social analytics would give me a much better idea of just who I’m talking to while providing me with cultural cues with which I can more effectively communicate.

What say you, Facebook?

SUPER COOL TOOL TUESDAY: Facebook finally got an iPhone/iPad app.

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