Mobile Video Sharing

Photograph of a woman watching a video on a smart phone

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62% of mobile phone owners use their phone’s camera.
46% use the video camera.
25% transfer photos/video from their phone to their PC.
18% upload photos/videos to the Internet directly from their phones.

THOUGHT: I’ve been going on ad nauseum about the explosive growth of video as a preferred form of online content but now the sharing of one’s own video content appears to be gaining a little steam.

I’ve always thought that in order for this to happen, it has to become simple and easy to do. While first-adopters and tech enthusiasts like yours truly may be willing to follow instructions or poke around until we find out how it works, but the rest of the world can’t be bothered with a user manual.

They just want it to work.

We’re getting there.

You’re seeing more simplicity in mobile apps like those for Twitter, Foursquare or Yelp that have the camera icon featured near the status update feature. Just tap it and shoot and share or browse to your phone’s gallery to choose an existing photo or video.

No one understands the need for ease and simplicity in sharing more than Google. One of the best features of their new Google+ social network is ability to automatically upload photos and videos from your phone to a private album from which you can decide which to share and which to hide.

They’ve eliminated the manual upload process.

The widespread elimination of the need to upload should unleash a torrent of consumer generated multimedia content.


Thank you for Flappers.


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