YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube Video Advertising

Will It Blend?



YouTube has 20,000 different advertisers running campaigns.

That’s a 100% increase from last year.

By 2015, they expect half of video ads will be charged on a cost per view basis.

THOUGHT: Charging for video advertising on a cost-per-view basis is a pretty radical shift in the traditional television advertising model and will severely undermine TV’s pricing model.

Oh, and by the way, far fewer people will be exposed to your ad who don’t want to see it.

Video advertising on YouTube is a very under-utilized tool. It runs on the same concept as their search ads: you bid on keywords with the only difference being instead of copy for your creative, you are using a YouTube ad.

My basic approach is to use YouTube advertising to kickstart a video, to get it exposure before the right audience until it has a chance to take off of its own accord by accumulating views and likes and shares and comments and embeds.

But that obviously requires compelling content. And the law firm ad you’re running on local cable is usually not compelling content…unless it’s compellingly bad, but that’s another story.

Two examples of great video execution:

The Old Spice Guy – This strategy would likely not have worked had Old Spice not already spent a lot of traditional television advertising dollars building the brand of The Old Spice guy in the person of Isaiah Mustafa. Mustafa, then, was a recognizable character once they launched their online campaign of responding to, in near-real time, online influencers. WATCH my case study.

Blendtec – Prior to their amazingly successful Will It Blend? video series, Blendtec was an obscure brand of industrial-strength blender. This low-cost campaign centers around the brilliantly simple idea of destroying popular consumer products in Blendtec blenders by asking Will It Blend?

To date, Blendtec has destroyed everything from an iPhone to an iPad to a Vuvuzela and in doing so demonstrates just how tough their blenders are.  The company takes advantage of current interest and has been so successful blending stuff that their videos routinely get hundreds of thousands of views and often top a million. Their YouTube channel boasts nearly 400,000 subscribers.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Solar eclipse is the most-searched phrase at Google right now. Predictably, people only search for “solar eclipse” in anticipation of one so you see huge spikes in search volume around the time of a given eclipse but then relatively no volume during any other time.  57% of the searches for “Solar Eclipse” are conducted by women.

MEDIA STAR: I mentioned yesterday that Darin Broton, my colleague at Tunheim, would be on Fox 9 news discussing the GOP Presidential Debate on CNN: WATCH.


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