Live Business Cards

Live Business Cards

Live Business Cards



Mobile barcode scanning increased 810% from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011.

There were more 2D scans than UPC scans during the first quarter of 2011.

THOUGHT: Barcode scanning as a consumer activity is on the rise and will continue to spread as the public sees more and more codes on everyday objects and in unexpected places.

As they learn what they’re for and how to use them, their use will only increase.

We are currently in the infancy of consumer adoption of scanning behavior and, as such, we typically see fairly unsophisticated uses of the technology by those employing QR codes. I’ve listed five Minnesota-based examples of QR code use at the blog.

Live Business Cards

Tunheim's Live Business Cards

Among them are Tunheim‘s own new business cards. We’ve incorporated a QR code on the back of our cards that leads to content we’ll update frequently, with insight from Team Tunheim.

We’re calling them Live Business Cards because they integrate real life with fresh online content; they take advantage of live, one-to-one personal interactions and extend those relationships online, much as we try to do with the integrated campaigns we craft for clients; and they extend a formerly static, utilitarian, single-use communication tool to a dynamic source of new insight.

Go ahead, give it a scan and let me know what you think!


KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Virtually no one was searching for “QR Codes” in early 2007. Interest began to rise dramatically in mid-2010 and threatens to double from last year in 2011. 

QR Codes Search Volume 2004-2011 Chart

QR Codes Search Volume, 2004-2011


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