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Word Of Mommy

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34% of moms said they regularly use tell-a-friend requests when asked by a business or website.

63% do so occasionally.

If offered an incentive, nearly 66% of moms said they would be more likely to refer a brand or website to others.

THOUGHT: Everyone’s after Word of Mommy these days, be they mommy bloggers, or social networkers or foodies or online reviewers.

It’s not surprising that few of them frequently use the tell-a-friend features of websites simply because such tools are often poorly designed, tucked out of sight on the site, or both.

It’s also not surprising that mommies, like anyone else, would be more likely to make referrals if there is an incentive involved. Do not, however, make the mistake of thinking such incentives always mean personal gain, financially or otherwise.

An incentive can just as easily be providing great value to their own networks.

Daily Deals are a great example. The prime reason moms pass on such deals to their online friends is simply that they are such a great deal. Moms are doing their friends a solid by passing it along.

They also accrue virtual cred as someone who always has great “finds.”

Places like Groupon top off that psychosocial dynamic with occasional monetary incentives such as redeemable credits for referring new customers.

But referrals would not be nearly as effective if the I incentive was monetary.

Think, then, of what incentives would work best for your audience; not just what will appeal to them personally, but what will appeal to their audiences as well.


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