The Oprah Search Effect

Oprah Winfrey's Last Show

Oprah Winfrey's Last Show



Searches for Oprah are up 56% this week on Yahoo! as The Oprah Winfrey Show comes to a close.

Searches for “steel cut oatmeal” spiked 5,400% on Yahoo! the day Oprah and Dr. Oz sang its praises.

When Dr. Oz showed an audience member how to use a neti pot, search went up 12,325% for “neti pot” and up 42,480% for “buy neti pot” on Yahoo! that day.

THOUGHT: I’ve discussed before how people react to what they see in traditional media by searching for more information about it online. These numbers dramatically illustrate just that point, especially the last set showing how product placement can drive sales.

What is not too common is for the strategic communications professionals that get their clients booked on such shows to anticipate and take advantage of such search traffic.

In 2009, we had the opportunity to do just that on behalf of Tunheim‘s client No Name Steaks.

After learning about the chocolate-covered  bacon at the Minnesota State Fair, Conan O’Brien stated during a media tour that he would bring his show to Minnesota if he could get his weight in chocolate-covered bacon.

No Name Steaks makes the best bacon in the world, so naturally we decided to ship Conan O’Brien his likeness in the form of a white chocolate bust with No Name Steaks bacon for hair.

The ultimate plan was to get O’Brien to talk about the bust on The Tonight Show. We figured if we got product placement, people would search for additional information online, so we optimized content on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & YouTube to take advantage of that search demand. If Conan didn’t talk about the bust, at least we’d have the foundation built for an online campaign.

Fortunately, our plan worked as we expected. Conan wheeled the bust out on stage and talked about it during his monologue (and again the following night) and, as we expected, people searched for more information using the keywords we expected they would: Conan O’Brien, Chocolate, Bacon, Head, and Bust.

WATCH Video About The No Name Steaks Campaign

No Name Bacon Bust on Conan O’Brien:

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watch the No Name Steaks Conan O’Brien campaign recap & results via Tunheim.

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